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We know you have a busy life,

and we know we can help! We are able to provide almost any service helpful to an animal parent. So if you need something, let us know! We’re more than flexible. If it’s not on the list of services, don’t let that stop you. If you're looking for help and we have the time to make it happen we will get it done!

First Things First

With all new clients there is a necessary Pre-Service Meeting that must be scheduled. This will be an opportunity to meet the owner of our business and learn what we are all about! It's another great opportunity to ask any questions you have.​

We want you to feel at ease with us on your side!


During this meeting we will obtain all of the necessary information to give the best care to your pets. This is when we will give you all of our forms, schedule the service, and work out  the details of the services you would like to receive.​

Please call, text or email us to schedule your Pre-Service Meeting!

Service Area

We currently service parts of Stillwater, Schaghticoke, Mechanicville, Halfmoon, and Clifton Park!

Stop In Visits

Miles Per Mutt LLC will send a trusted representative to the Client's home to check in on the pet(s). The pet(s) will be played with, brought out to use the bathroom, and have their supplies checked.

The Sitter/Walker also agrees to completing other small tasks asked of them, such as; feeding pets, 10/15 minute walk, tidying pet area, dispensing medication, collecting mail, watering plants, etc.

Miles Per Mutt LLC will give the Client an update via text with each Stop In.

Our clients often use Stop Ins to build custom Pet Sitting schedules

Stop In Pricing:

-$18.70 - a true Stop In, less than 20 minutes.

-$29.40 - a visit around 30 minutes in length.

-$37.40 - a visit around 45 minutes in length.

-$44 - a visit around 60 minutes in length.

-A Stop In booked 7pm or later will have a $5.50 “Night Owl Fee” applied.

-A booking/purchase of 5 or more Stop Ins will receive 10% off.

-If a Stop In is booked within 48 hours of the preferred service time, then there will be an "Unplanned fee" of $11.

Dog Walks

Single Walks:

15 min walk - $19.80

30 min walk - $33

45 min walk - $41.80

60 min walk - $49.50

An additional dog from the same home:

$8.80 for 30min or less, $15.40 for 45min, $19.80 for 60min


An additional walk on the same day:

10% off both walks.


Walk packs:

Purchasing a Pack of 5 walks will get you 10% off. 

A Pack of 20 walks will get you 15% off.

Packs purchased with a discount will expire after 2 or 4 months respectively.

Yearly program: Signing up gets you over 20% off each month's bill!

Tracking: $2 per walk, $8 for a pack of 5,

$25 with a pack of 20


Miles Per Mutt: The dog that logs the most miles each month will have homemade treats sent to their house!


Miles Per Mutt LLC offers minimal grooming to their existing clients!

Bath (with or without gland expression),

Nail trimming,

Teeth brushing,

Ear cleaning,

Brush out! 

Pet Sitting Options

Other than building your pets perfect schedule using our Stop In visit we have the below options!

Daytime Care: $119.90/day - 4 Stop Ins, each around a half hour long. A morning walk and breakfast visit, a midday playtime visit, a dinnertime and tidy up visit, and a bedtime tuck in visit!*

Overnight Care: $298/night - Someone at your home from (around) 8pm to 8am, ~12 hours total.

Daytime Stop Ins are scheduled separately.

Discounts: 15% off of a week booking, and 10% off of a 3 day booking.

Yard Clean Up

One Time/ First Time Clean Up

$41 for the first man hour. $18.70 for every man hour after the first.

Weekly Clean Up!

Price will vary based on yard size and number of pets.

~$80 per month. We come once per week to clean your yard of poo, plus an additional time whenever you need; before a planned event, before a trip, whenever you need, up to 4 times per year!

Cage Cleaning

Pet Taxi

Pick up and Drop Off to my home for Daycare or Homestyle Boarding is $33 within the service area. $23 one way.

Pet Taxi anywhere else is $29.80 per trip, plus an additional $1.93 per mile after 10 miles.

Additional Info

Night Owl Fee: 

Any service booked after 7pm: $5.50 more

Unplanned Fee: 

All services scheduled within 48 hours will have an unplanned charge of $11

Referral Program:

10% discount off of their first booking and your next.

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